CHEMICALS & LUBRICANTS, Products lines: Automotive and Industrial Lubricants, Preventive Maintenance Chemicals, Institutional Chemicals, Quality Aerosols, and Special Lubricants.

Automotive and Industrial Lubricants

Our products ranges from gasoline engine oils, diesel engine oils and special products such as gear oils, mufti-purpose greases, radiator coolant, brake fluid, compressor oil, and soluble cutting oil and more.

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Preventive Maintenance Chemicals

Our products ranges from, Safety Solvent Degreaser, Safety Solvent Degreaser (Slow Dry) Emulsifiable Degreaser, Industrial Motor Cleaner, Cold Tank and Carbon Remover, Rust Remover, and more.

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Institutional Chemicals

Our product lne-ups ranges from Biodegradable All Purpose Cleaner, Air Freshener and Deodorizer Glass Cleaner, Toilet Bowl & Tiles Cleaner, Water Soluble Degreaser and Liquid Hand Soap, Furniture Polish, Liquid Drain Opener & Clog Remover, and more.

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Quality Aerosols

Our line-up of products ranges from, Open Gear Lubricant, Dry Film Lubricant, General Purpose Lubricant, Penetrating Oil, Chain and Cable Fluid, Silicone Mold Release Anti Rust Coating, Belt Conditioner, and more.

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Special Lubricants

Our line-up of products ranges from, Spindle Oil, White Needle Oil, Straight Cutting Oil, Soluble Cutting Oil, Transformer Oil, Silicone Oil, Quenching Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, and more.

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