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Fresh Water Makers

HRO Marine Systems

Seafari Self Contained Versatile
Seafari Modular Versatile

MINI Compact Systems
Seafari Mini Series

LOW Energy Systems
Seafari Escape Compact
Seafari Escape Modular

HORIZON Commercial / Industrial

Horizon Coral Sea

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HRO Seafari searies Brochure
HRO Commercial series Brochure

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Marine / Conventional Systems:
- Ideal for Sailboats, Spot fishing boats and Power yachts
- Production 450 1800 Gallons per day

    Seafari Versatile Self Containe            Seafari Versatile Modular
Marine / Mini Compact Systems:
- Ideal for small sailboats or power boats that require space savings
- Production from 170, 350, 550 and 750 Gallons per day
                         Mini 170                              Mini 350, 550 & 750
Marine Low Energy Systems:
- Ideal for small sailboats or power boats that require energy savings
- Production from 200 600 Gallons per day
           Seafari Escape Compact              Seafari Escape Modular
Horizon Commercial / Industrial System:
- Ideal for mega yachts, commercial fishing vessels, work boats, oil rigs and charter boats and for onshore facilities, such as villas, small hotels, and private residences
- Production from 2800 6800 Gallons per day

Horizon Coral Sea



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